Vin abfrage. Fahrgestellnummer (FIN / VIN)

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  • Walter You can also protest against processing or any transfer of your data.
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  • Coleman In case you have any doubts about the past of your car, you should rely on Audi serial number decoder.
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  • Napoleon The World Manufacturer Identifier is contained in the first three digits, which shows the manufacturing country or final point of assembly, the name of the manufacturer, and the division.
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  • Cleo You can also check whether it got into any accidents, even if it was 10 or 15 years ago. Before the digital advent, a would be performed manually, using source books to associate each digit with its assigned meaning.
  • Emily A vehicle identification number is unique for each car. Do all of the specifications match up correctly? With it, you can learn model of your Audi, the year of its manufacturing, what color it is and even how many people have owned it since it was first sold.
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  • Dominick You have access to your data, for correction, deletion or to impose restrictions on processing. Keep in mind that the codes are for the American as well as European markets.
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  • Arthur You can withdraw your consent for processing your data at any time, but this will have no effect on legality of data processing completed before your consent was withdrawn.
  • Moses Each letter and figure of the code has its own function. The whole process of decoding takes from a few seconds to a few minutes.
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  • Elbert As it was mentioned above, the codes for the American and European cars are different.
  • Clement You can find the code yourself, or you can ask an expert to assist you if you're doing it for the first time. For example, if the last six digits are 188001, this vehicle would be the 188,001th one produced in that plant for that model in that year.
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  • Brant.
  • Kurtis Are you ready to test our decoder? You are not obliged to provide us your data, but when you refuse to do so, the site may function incorrectly. However, you can use a single Audi decoder to see all the.
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  • Silas The aim of the law adoption was the rapid growth of car models manufactured by Audi in different countries.
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  • Marty Specifically, these digits represent which number the car was in coming off the assembly line. If you try to it yourself, you can spend the whole day on decoding and gathering the facts together.
  • Darnell You can trust the manufacturer, but you can never completely trust the seller. Each car received a unique set of letters and figures no matter whether it was produced for the European or American market.
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  • Gil Decoding this number will help you whether the car is produced legally by Audi and not made using the parts of two or more different cars. The universal vehicle code was adopted in 1970s.