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  • Jess Thermomix 2019: Rezepte und flexibles Kochen Der Thermomix ist bekannt für die Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitungen. Since then, I have been contemplating getting one every day! New measuring cup — Really nice! Die neue Größe ermöglicht auch Step-by-Step-Bilder.
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  • Woodrow Your review has helped to clear my doubts.
  • Saul Thermomix helps you save time and money while eating healthier with a simplistic cooking process. Zubehör für den Zugriff auf die Datenbank mit rund 42.
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  • Randolph Mit dabei: Ein neuer Spritzschutz.
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  • Lance It is much easier to see everything clearly and makes browsing through Cookidoo recipes much easier more on that later.
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  • Brooks Over 40,000 delicious recipes are permanently available through a Cookidoo® subscription, directly on the Thermomix® and are just waiting to be discovered.
  • Nicolas Die zusätzlichen Funktionen sind eine Bereicherung, die Revolution bleibt jedoch aus.
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  • Ahmad Die Thermomix-App: Cookidoo bringt viele Rezepte.
  • Rafael The results were better than frying, however the guided recipes that I have seen so far cook the caramel for too long resulting in bitter flavours. However, I was testing the temperature of the caramel throughout the process with my digital thermometer and noticed that the temperature was getting too high.
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  • Jessie Further to that, Kombucha is traditionally fermented for between over 7-30 days. For vegetables and meat, both of which can release a lot of water during cooking, the process leads to steaming and boiling rather than frying.
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  • Gonzalo Thank you again; I think you are an amazing advocate for Thermomix and I hope that Vorwerk realise all you contribute to their promotion the world over. Außerdem kommen als optionales Zubehör ein flexibler Spatel, ein neuer Gareinsatz und ein neuer Wähler zum Einsatz.
  • Billy Throughout my tests, I got hugely frustrated because the Wifi in my kitchen was intermittent and for some reason Cookidoo logged me out of the platform completely every time the Wifi dropped out which meant I had to keep typing in my details over and over again.
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  • Tod With the varoma meals in particular, you save energy and make a saving for the entire household budget and the environment too. Furthermore, if your Wifi drops out at home or you have an intermittent signal, you wont be able to access any recipes on your Thermomix unless you have pre-saved them offline.
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  • Monty Also, good luck fitting a Kombucha jar or modest quantity of kimchi in the Varoma… if you do, please let me know how you did it! My wife, a lawyer, said they really outsmarted themselves on this one. There is very limited info out there right now unless you are on the Thermomix website or speak German hahahaha.
  • Rogelio Happy Easter to you and your family! I have own a T31 for the past 10 years and used it every day! Die neuen Zubehörteile sind durchdacht, aber kein Quantensprung. This is great for beginners, but annoys me more than anything else as I am a notorious over filler! I love the addition of pecan nuts in my brownies for a lovely nutty texture and a nice crunch, but you can play… If you're looking for a beautiful, light dessert that looks stunning on the dinner table, this is the recipe for you.