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Wade Syndikat
  • Salvatore The Justice League and the Legion of Doom were able to defeat and expose the Crime Syndicate and send them back to their Earth. Weapons Tests and Evaluations: The Best of Soldier Of Fortune.
Mack Einsätze in Zusammenhang mit der Organisation
  • Rocco However, this tale is being told by and, as such, may not actually be canonical. An selber Stelle fand zudem am 4.
Jimmy „Syndikat 52“: Alte KAL
  • Galen Grid informs the Outsider of the intrusion, and he goes to protect their hooded prisoner over Grayson only for Black Manta to intercept Outsider and kill him. Rather, they rule their world with an iron fist in order to end war and crime.
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  • Simon The Injustice Syndicate consist of alternate world counterparts of the main six heroes of the show and four minor heroes: Batman , Blue Bowman , Fiero , Scarlet Scarab , Dyna-Mite , Silver Cyclone , Elastic Man whose name was revealed by his action figure , Barracuda , , and who were only seen in flashbacks.
Saul Neue Neonazigruppe in Aachen
  • Silas In der , zum Beispiel in der Glarner Landvogtei , wird mit Syndikat die Regierung ad interim bezeichnet, die während der Übergabe der Herrschaft vom alten zum neuen Landvogt aus zwei Glarner Gesandten und den beiden Landvögten gebildet wird.
Eloy Neue Neonazigruppe in Aachen
  • Winfred Diese Verwendung wurde durch einschlägige Filme, Romane und Sachbücher popularisiert, sodass man umgangssprachlich inzwischen unter Syndikat eher eine Verbrecherorganisation als ein industrielles Vertriebskartell versteht.
  • Quentin In Britain, the Rexer Arms Company manufactured the Madsen without license from 1905.
Tyree Syndikat
  • Thaddeus It's possible the Super Friends return to the Super Enemies' universe and defeated the Super Enemies as Superman promise the scientist to return and restored Truth and Justice to her universe. Die Owned-and-operated stations hingegen befinden sich gänzlich im Eigentum der großen Networks.
Johnathan Crime Syndicate of America
  • Terry After Power Ring fell in battle against Sinestro, Grid informs Ultraman and Superwoman about it at the time when they are looking for Batman's kryptonite Ring.
Melissa Syndikat
  • Buford As Batman's counterpart, Owlman received more focus than the others. Norwegian soldiers in 1928, one carrying a Madsen machine gun.
  • Nick That sort of interaction is a big part of what makes World of Warcraft fun, and this feature will help deliver that experience to even more players. During one of Rose's speeches against the Crime Syndicate, the Crime Syndicate sends Archer to assassinate her, only to be defeated by Martian Manhunter and arrested by the authorities.
Cornelius „Syndikat 52“: Alte KAL
  • Parker Ultraman once escaped but was returned by the Supermen from Earth-One and Earth-Two.