Sportschule puch. Corinna´s Sky: 2011

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  • Floyd Dabei durften wir sogar einen Blick in das Lager mit den geheimen Prototypen werfen und wir versichern euch, die Trainingswelt bleibt spannend und innovativ. Len Paton and I had picked up Jim Prahl in the airport and after the little stop in Stanwell, we headed off to Forbes.
  • Neal It is always exciting to be at the factory, my sail is being made at the moment, I love the crisp of new dacron and mylar.
Agustin Twostokedgirls in the Dolomites
  • Leonard And Steve said Stanwell will be on the next 3 days, so I look forward to some coastal flying before going out to Forbes! He was a surfing and hang gliding world champion and was also a really successful musician.
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  • Tad Leistungsdiagnostik Lassen Sie Profis für sich arbeiten! On the way we stopped for some lunch and found this huge Merino sheep - I had to take a picture in my Icebreaker gear, as it is made from pure merino wool. Lenz is much more than just a trainer or a physio, he has an amazing grip on how to straighten and train up a body after having had an injury.
  • Terrance Blenky said the docu won a sports journalism award last week.
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  • Maxwell While I was in South Africa, at Cape Point I already found a hint to my next big adventure - Australia, not quite in swimming distance! The program went on for about an hour, with a lot of historical film footage.
  • Erich Life can be hard ; I hope I will meet a few of my Rio hang gliding friends here or at Sao Conrado while Im in the city.
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  • Lavern I wanted to share it with my parents and best friends, and we all really enjoyed that perfect flavour that you just can´t buy in Germany. And I guess coming from northern Germany, Im used to swimming in cold water anyway ; just loved it! Matejki6 41-800 Zabrze phone:+48510-138-774 Rafal Rzepus Gimnazjum Nr 4 Secondary School No.
  • Allen They stopped Apartheid and racism in a peaceful way, a revolution without a war nevertheless a lot of good people lost their lives on the way there.
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  • Hector Das Heranführen an das Fernziel erfolgt in unterschiedlichen Trainingsperioden, was dann letztendlich mit einem individuellen Trainingsplan umgesetzt wird.
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  • Murray Only 28 hours later Im in Australia where the sky just looked like in Bremen. It was great to absorb a lot of sun at the southern cape before arriving in my home in Bremen- just grey all day and drizzle, dark like dusk.
  • Raul And well, definitely no chardonnay going on here ; Nobody in or on the water, even though the breeze seems perfect for kite surfing or wind surfing, with whitecaps all over.
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  • Erin I have to ask Blenky if he got a copy of it, it was really great to watch! It is always great to be in the air with your best mates! I have stayed here before a few years ago.
  • Laura It also protrayed our group of pilots in the sport very well, showing how close we all are and that we are ready to help each other when it comes to extremes. At least about 10 degrees warmer.
  • Wesley.
  • Virgil Trainingsplanung Eine professionelle Trainingsplanung ist die Basis eines effektiven Trainings. If you click on the little winndow at the left bottom, you should be able to watch the 50 minute docu.
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  • Johnny This is a great with one of the best hang glider pilots ever, Steve Moyes. On the pics you see the view from my room.
  • Loyd Chorzowska 57b Tel:0048 790 617 997 Daniel Kedzierski Street Gwardi Ludowej 18, Gliwice, Poland Michał Wachowicz Zabrze 41-800, ul.