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  • Alvaro His father was a drummer and his mother was a singer.
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  • Kermit He has worked in both the film and television industries. His weight and shoe size are unknown.
  • Ariel And they are currently living together quite happily, and Burgi is said to have developed some hobbies to make his days more yielding and peaceful.
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  • Scott Surfing too is his favorite hobby, and he is regular at it whenever he gets time.
  • Lionel His brother named Chuck Burgi is a well-known rock drummer.
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  • Kirby One such interest in Bird-Watching and other is playing Drums. At his home, Burgi was used to playing detective character since his childhood and used to do everything mentioned in the Detective Novels.
  • Edward On November 25, 1995, Richard married Lori Kahn. He is also known to have related that one day while playing a detective, due to gun powder the place where they used to play it caught fire and thus he had to retire as a Detective early on.
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  • Bobby Just a friendly reminder: don't be ashamed to admit that you have a crush on him.
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  • Rolland The final episode aired on May 24, 1999. He did not stay long in the Manhattan and moved to Los Angeles where he got a role in the Days of Our Lives.
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  • Louis Not great, but a good performance! He has played every kind of role with an artistic aura around him that mesmerizes the audiences beyond expectations.
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  • Rolando Burgi was raised up with his parents in a musical environment. Burgi was having romantic love affairs with Lori Kahn during the year 1994.
  • Brenton In addition to acting, Richard also developed a strong interest in music and with his older brother, Chuck a drummer , played in various bands.
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  • Gavin In Desperate Housewives, Burgi plays an important and regular role as Karl Mayer. They have two sons named as Jack Burgi, born on December 8, 1996, and Samuel Burgi, born on August 15, 2000.
  • Laverne Due to some issues, they got divorced. His parents also used to encourage him to pursue his career in acting.
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  • Wade He jointly received a Screen Actors Guild nomination for his performance in the latter show. Also get to know more about the birth facts, education, career, net worth, rumors, height, social media of different personality like , , , and.
  • Gerald He is living happily with her these days. The show, however, was soon canceled.