Pumuckel. Pumuckl #40

William Handmade by Ülkü: Amigurumi Pumuckl
  • Hal Der Titelheld Pumuckl eigentlich ein Diminutiv von Nepomuk ist ein rothaariger Kobold, der beim Schreinermeister Franz Eder lebt, seit er an dessen Leimtopf kleben geblieben ist.
Blair Handmade by Ülkü: Amigurumi Pumuckl
  • Frances At this time actor Alfred Pongratz was the voice of Pumuckl. In 1965 Pumuckl's first book was published.
Carroll Meister Eder und sein Pumuckl (TV series)
  • Hung The book consisted of illustrations made by Johnson.
  • Dominique The first episode of the show was broadcast on February 21, 1962 and the last episode was broadcast on December 30, 1973.
Donna Meister Eder und sein Pumuckl (1982)
  • Kenny Pumuckl is a red-haired and descendant of the. Many well-known German actors like , , , and had appearances in the series.
Reggie Master Eder and His Pumuckl (TV Series 1982
  • Sammie Schmitt - runs a small car repair shop.
Darius Meister Eder und sein Pumuckl (1982)
  • Kelly However, he turns invisible when other people come into view. Meister Eder sees Pumuckl as a child and usually appears as his guardian.
Zachary Meister Eder und sein Pumuckl (TV series)
  • Lyman Although the stories always have a moral, it never seems importunate or questionable.
  • Lonnie Meister Eder usually reacts in a dismissive way, but that doesn't keep the cleaning lady from trying again.
Bobby Pumuckl #40
  • James We are an independent movie lovers club worldwide with 646.
  • Aron The one-time guest appearances e. On the records Pumuckl was played by and Master Eder was played by.
Tomas Meister Eder und sein Pumuckl (1982)
  • Bill In each episode the stubborn and sometimes cheeky Pumuckl learns a lesson in life and Meister Eder teaches him such values as tolerance, respect and honesty. The kobold always is barefoot.
Sam Pumuckl #40
  • Cyrus Meister Eder is the grandpa every kid wishes for and children can relate to the funny little goblin, while grown-ups can still smile at the adorable way these stories are told. Hoffentlich muss ich nicht so schnell wieder eine Puppe mit Fingerchen machen :P Bis bald.
Jame Pumuckl (TV Series) (1982)
  • Randy For example, he never really manages to suppress Pumuckl's urge to steal things, though he always makes him give back what the little kobold has taken.
  • Reid He often tries to teach him some morals, not always with the desired result.