Rodney User manual Pfaff 60 (65 pages)
  • Jeffry I believe she brought this machine with her then.
  • Sylvester Make it do a straight stitch and zig zag and be sure to notice any issues. Nearly every sewing machine works great right out of the box.
Roman Pfaff 60
  • Reinaldo This is one you might be replacing in a couple of years. Put cotton reel on the right hand reel pin.
  • Mitchell Instead of an upper ply, a ribbon is used and fed through the guiding of the foot. Forget all of the exotic stitches, all I need are the three levers and three dials.
Gus Manual Pfaff 60 (page 1 of 65) (English)
  • Derrick After an appropriate regulation of the bobbin case tension, simultaneous stitch ing of 2 or 3 threads is possible. Don't want any machine except a Pfaff.
  • Christina If in working condition, they're great machines.
Barney User manual Pfaff 60 (65 pages)
  • Claude Looks like new, but I have no idea if it is up to the task of sewing leather. I didn't realize that the zig zag thumb lever and the reverse thumb lever where not there at the time of purchase.
Prince Pfaff 60 gebruiksaanwijzing
  • Rico Pfaff machines are organized into groups based on part compatibility.
  • Emily I think walking foot is a really safe choice but they are all industrial machines and can be expensive.
Rodrick Pfaff Sewing Machines :
  • Jonathon Check the machine manual for details on foot controls and other Pfaff sewing machine accessories.
Irvin Reviews Of Pfaff Sewing Machines
  • Carlton First place the threads in one direction with the machine operating at high speed and then follow with smallest darning stitches taken in the other direction. To insert the bobbin in the bobbin case.
  • Sung Hi my name is Gina, I am ok a sewing thanks to my grandma who was a professional seamstress.
Ray Pfaff Lead Cords, Power Cords
  • Erik The passion for sewing blossomed in me many years ago. Did find a new one after the fact.
Ian Pfaff 60
  • Marcel Any info you can share is appreciated. It would sew through anything but not now.
  • Hugh I will always love and use Pfaff. The 360 will do 2 layers no problem but if you get to 4 that may be different.
Simon User manual Pfaff 60 (65 pages)
  • Isidro This website is a true labor of love. I am good with tools and fixing things.
Wade Pfaff Sewing Machine Instruction Manuals
  • Booker I know Pfaff have purchased new in late 60's early 70.
  • Colin I must admit that I have reviewed better sewing and quilting machines for home use.