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  • Alvaro Hitler greets British Prime Minister and on the steps of the Berghof German business leaders disliked Nazi ideology but came to support Hitler, because they saw the Nazis as a useful ally to promote their interests.
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  • Art On June 18, 2019 Sonnenkrieg members Dunn-Koczorowski and Michal Szewczuk, 19, were jailed for terrorism offences. Fichte promoted two options in order to address this, his first one being the creation of a Jewish state in so the Jews could be impelled to leave Europe.
  • Frederick He had instructed others how to build bombs, spoke about planning attacks and encouraged members to take part in the paramilitary training. Those views were shared by , who later left the Nazi Party and formed the in the belief that Hitler had allegedly betrayed the party's socialist goals by endorsing capitalism.
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  • Brooks Physical pain, even death, she treated as symptoms of psychological trauma. While unmarried until the very end of the regime, Hitler often made excuses about his busy life hindering any chance for marriage.
  • Lyle Hey Leute, und willkommen zu einem neuen Projekt.
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  • Rodney His writing lays out an apocalyptic neo-Nazi vision. They condemned the welfare system of the Weimar Republic as well as private charity, accusing them of supporting people regarded as racially inferior and weak, who should have been weeded out in the process of natural selection.
  • Ken Hitler's attitudes changed by the end of 1922, in which he then supported an alliance of Germany with Britain to destroy Russia.
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  • Zachery Yet for all her devotion to subjectivity and nonconformity—heretical in a polity with an oversized security apparatus engaged in the intense surveillance of individuals who accidentally or intentionally stood out—she remained a dedicated socialist.
  • Edwardo Neurosis as the inability to conform to particular circumstances.
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  • Gabriel Barbie gave his name as Klaus Altmann, the name that he used while in Bolivia.
  • Wilmer Use of the American racist model Hitler and other Nazi legal theorists were inspired by America's institutional racism and saw it as the model to follow.
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  • Amanda Many people in cities still had memories of rural-urban migration—Tooze thus explains that the Nazis obsessions with agrarianism were not an atavistic gloss on a modern industrial nation but a consequence of the fact that Nazism as both an ideology and as a movement was the product of a society still in economic transition. During this time period, in the 1870s, German began to adopt antisemitic and racist themes and it was also adopted by a number of radical right political movements.
Bud Sinti and Roma (Gypsies) in Auschwitz / Categories of prisoners / History / Auschwitz
  • Mohamed The watcher and the watched are hopelessly, tragically, comically confused in her observations.
  • Cruz He is being investigated on suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack.
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  • Brett The Nazis believed an individual could only develop their capabilities and individual characteristics within the framework of the individual's racial membership; the race on belonged to determined whether or not one was worthy of moral care.
  • Ezra Joseph Goebbels published a pamphlet titled The Nazi-Sozi which gave brief points of how National Socialism differed from Marxism. Since they were treated as asocial prisoners, they were marked with black triangles.
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  • Brian Hitler also distrusted capitalism for being unreliable due to its and he preferred a state-directed economy that maintains private property and competition but subordinates them to the interests of the.
  • Jan One of Hitler's ambitions at the start of the war was to most or all from and in order to acquire for German settlers. Later, he became camp physician Lagerarzt for the entire Birkenau camp.