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Brady BBC's Laura Kuenssberg says Boris Johnson could be out of ICU in a couple of days
  • Bill How depressing to make him a target of online pile-on for daring to speak his mind to the Prime Minister.
  • Milton This is called reporting the news.
Tony Laura Kuenssberg Biography
  • Orval I think there should be creative ambiguity about when and how that gets paid over. But in this case, it is simply not true.
  • Frederic She was involved in a controversy during early 2016 when a petition was started that accused Laura of being biased against the Labour Party and its leader.
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  • Erik The science has been the same since January.
  • Jody Does he, does he, when it comes to trust, when it comes to character, all those things, does he deliver what he says he's going to deliver? First and foremost, the government is not about to throw the country's doors open.
Normand BBC News: Laura Kuenssberg reveals 'hint' in Boris' speech of huge coronavirus worr
  • Cliff It was significantly worse than the previous lowest reading of 40. One person commented: 'The best part of that 'brexitstorm programme was Jacob Rees-Mogg unable to open a bottle of water.
  • Manuel But on the other hand, if Boris Johnson is in intensive care, nobody can pretend that he would be able to be operating in anything like full capacity. I think on both sides of the Channel there's a really different understanding of what is needed.
Carmelo BBC's Laura Kuenssberg under fire for tweet about father who confronted Boris Johnson
  • Clayton So I'm hopeful that we'll get a deal. When I was mayor, when I became Mayor of London, when we said we would do something, we, I may say delivered not just x, but x plus 10.
Lyman Laura Kuenssberg reveals the next COVID
  • Tommy Laura has lived and worked in France and in the United States. And they were a fantastic success.
  • Moses The prime minister will not give chapter and verse later today on exactly how and when the country's doors will re-open.
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  • Tristan And that is what we want to do. But I think that every day we are making progress.
  • Neal Foreign direct investment is at record highs. The Guardian - highly reputable newspaper - ran a whole subsection in which people promised to flee the land or at least the city if I became mayor, eight years later most of them were still there.
Wayne Laura Kuenssberg reveals the next COVID
  • Derek The petition was later withdrawn.
  • Stephan Symonds — who is engaged to Johnson — also displayed coronavirus symptoms during her pregnancy.
Dewey BBC News: Laura Kuenssberg warns of 'Cabinet coup' while absent Boris fights coronavirus
  • Arron And that's transparent, you're trying to create a situation of them and us are you not? They want to get it done in a way that is generous to European Union citizens in our country and I stress that is the first thing to do. We reduced crime by about 20%.
  • Lazaro But he said we'd have to wait until this week to learn more about how we'll start to move out of the lockdown that has changed the country so dramatically in the past six weeks. I think you've sometimes been careless with facts, careless with the truth.