Lastenheft englisch. Pflichtenheft

Kevin Pflichtenheft
  • Terry The above from Bundessprachenamt, Microfiches.
  • Maynard How should Pflichtenheft be translated?. Maybe this will give you some choices from which to pick.
Isiah das Lastenheft
  • AndrewThe Lastenheft would probably be specifications plus the reasons for them which includes the gathering of all facts and giving the decision makers a clear overview of the situation so that they have a solid platform to base their decisions on.
Jerald pflichtenheft lastenheft
  • Sheldon Here are most of the answers, explanations and references from January and May 2000, that uel was referring to. This is just a guess based on the context you give, hope it's of some help! Here are two sentences where both are defined in terms of streetcar manufacture: Das Lastenheft enthaellt alle Anforderungen und Vorgaben des Kunden an das Gesamtfahrzeug.
  • Ricky References: Kinory: Answer: Specifications Explanation: They both mean Specifications - the manual that tells the project manager or similar what the client's requirements are the engineer's 'duties' that need to be fulfilled. According to Schäfer, Pflichtenheft and Lastenheft are synomymous.
Victor Pflichtenheft
  • Lenard Could Pflichtenheft be the actual specifications for manufacture and Lastenheft be along the lines of a specification not actually used for manufacture, ie more of a brief from the customer as to what the finished product should achieve? Im Pflichtenheft wird definiert, wie und womit die Forderungen des Lastenheftes zu realisieren sind. Siemens lists the following: Pflichtenheft n z.
  • Tyree Explanation: Routledge gives 'specification' for Pflichtenheft, but nothing under Lastenheft.
Walter Lastenheft Pflichtenheft
  • Rory See also the following two queries: where you should find quite a bit of information. Tom's reference from t-online seems to be the easiest to understand: Tom Funke: Answer: customer specification; engineering specification Explanation: The key difference between these terms which can of course be translated in a variety of other ways is that Lastenheft sums up the customer's requirements, while Pflichtenheft sums up the contractor's resulting engineering obligations.
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