Katoffelpuffer. German Potato Pancakes from Mashed Potatoes

Dillon German Potato Pancakes from Mashed Potatoes
  • Wilfredo A plus side to soaking them first is that they are much crisper when you fry them up. German potato pancakes are delicious discs of pan-fried grated potatoes — golden and crispy on the outside with a fluffy potato middle.
  • Gary Transfer grated potatoes into a bowl and mix the sour cream into the potatoes immediately, this prevents the potatoes from browning oxidation , add the egg, flour or grits , salt and grated onion optional. They will still taste great, but will not have that nice snap to them that I like so much.
Adolph Bavarian Kitchen
  • Cynthia I made them for my fiance and he said they were the best he had ever tasted; better than any restaurant and even better than his grandmothers! The family was from Heidelberg. The easiest thing to do is as you scrape them imediately put them in cold water so they aren't exposed to the air.
  • Daryl She did not use onions though so I left them out.
Marshall How to Make German Kartoffelpuffer
  • Carol Kartoffelpuffer are similar to latkes or Irish boxty but do not use matzo meal like the former or flour, buttermilk and soda like the latter.
  • Tyree I then took a handful at a time and squeezed them in the collander and added them to the egg mixture. Cook for a few minutes on each side till they are a golden brown.
Cody Potato Pancakes I Recipe
  • Arturo You will notice that the starch from the potatoes settles to the bottom of the bowl underneath the drained liquid see below.
  • Abraham The shredded potatoes are wrung out in a clean dish towel and then mixed with egg, finely grated onion and flour and then fried to light golden.
Amy L
  • Vaughn In a large skillet, melt a couple tablespoons of butter over medium heat.
Nigel How to Make German Kartoffelpuffer
  • Taylor A true Irish lass I love potatoes.
  • Quincy Hi Kimberly, the pancakes look delicious. Preheat a non-stick skillet with the oil on medium-high.
Ned How to Make German Kartoffelpuffer
  • Lorenzo Kartoffelpuffer Pancakes are a wonderful cold weather comfort food. Serve them with sweet or salty side dishes for a change, and you can have them on the menu weekly.
Samuel Simple Potato Pancakes
  • Oliver Christina Wilk-Carney is Administrator of the.
  • Fritz The end result is a crispy exterior and soft interior. I find a muffin scoop is perfect for this.
Jerry Potato Pancakes (German Kartoffelpuffer)
  • Christian If you like sour cream — add a dollop. Mix everything well until all is combined.
Clyde German Potato Pancakes
  • Johnathan Either place the grated potatoes in a colander and thoroughly squeeze the liquid out with your hands or place them in a clean dish towel and wring it to squeeze out the liquid. Spatzle are served with gravy.
Terrell German Potato Pancakes
  • Delmer Your recipe is spot on for flavour and texture.
  • Ivory This money helps me to maintain this website and provide the free information for you. In catholic regions they are a traditional meal on Fridays.
Tod German Potato Pancakes from Mashed Potatoes
  • Roosevelt Kartoffelpuffer on the other hand are made from potatoes that are grated raw and grated finely allowing them to cook quickly and evenly.
  • Dario Of course, a delicious German Potato Pancake belongs on your What to serve with kartoffelpuffer pancakes? Bring to room temperature and start at Step 3 of the recipe.