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  • Christina Many European countries developed efficient masonry heaters, but according to the informative website , the Swedes developed a down-draft contra-flow system which is particularly fascinating and efficient.
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  • Preston The range includes classical and traditional designs, right up to extremely modern.
  • Moses Any suggestions of steps, resources, etc. German specialists who build the Kachelofen must know how to build heaters that maximize both the draft and length of flues.
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  • George I realize that they probably stay warmer than the usual chimney but we never run our wood stove overnight despite promoting condensation when it is started cold the next morning.
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  • Coy It is also common in eastern Europe to modify these efficient heaters so that they are connected to the gas network and are fueled with gas. Additional information can be found at 4 Old-Fashioned Heater Old fashioned masonry heater clad in stucco and tile.
  • Marco Metal wood stoves must be tended to continually and fluctuate from peak high temperatures, to no heat, when the fire is out.
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  • Royal An efficient heater should produce heat at the same rate, as the heat is given off emitted.
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  • Lincoln The entire stove will contain between one and five tonnes of masonry.
  • Johnie After the 2nd day, there should be some heat beginning to soak through and in reality, the inside cores should remain hot over 100C for the whole heating season.
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  • Winfred We vacationed in a house that was built in 1759. The one with the heat sink that's what I am calling it -- real name unknown to me is the one I saw at my uncle's in Germany; he said one hot fire in the morning heats his house until 3 p.
  • Mitchell Constructing a brick-faced masonry stove with a fire brick combustion chamber. Sie sind Teil der Stevie Awards Programme, die zu den international begehrtesten Wirtschaftspreisen zählen.
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  • Elvis A cocklestove used for , built around 1959.
  • Dale The bypass plate must operated smoothly and seal well.
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  • Kareem You really wont have to dump the clean box as much as you think when you see how small it is. The intent of a kachelofen is to warm up the ceramic mass of the stove with a clean hot fire.
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  • Efrain Have you considered joining the green energy revolution, but don't know what you need to do to get started? Is there anywhere where you can get plans and measurements to understand more about how to make them properly? As for heat output, it seems sufficient: the website says it heats from 300 square feet to 1500. You may not be heating your heater up enough.
  • Curt The kachelofen uses small pieces of wood, like branches and waste material from cabinet shops.
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  • Harry Yes, Yes to what the moderator said. The large surface area doesn't get hot enough to burn the skin or scorch clothing.