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Trevor Георг Вилхелм Фридрих Хегел — Википедија, слободна енциклопедија
  • Hollis The something-others must continue to do the work of picking out individual somethings before the concept of Being-for-itself can have its own definition as the concept that gathers them up.
Leland Hegel For Beginners
  • Lenard These last subdivisions are further subdivided into triads, with fourth level subdivisions occurring under Civil Society and the State.
  • Dusty У филозофском систему који је назвао Wissenschaft der Logik Наука о логици , детаљно излаже концепт разума.
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  • Raymundo A Marriage The union of man and woman in marriage is both natural and spiritual, i.
Jeffry A Guide to Hegel's Political Philosophy
  • William His hopes of more companionship, however, were unfulfilled: Hölderlin was engrossed in an illicit love affair and shortly lost his reason.
  • Alva Pero, a diferencia de sus antecesores, concibe una totalidad dinámica: cada cosa llega a ser lo que es en el seno de un continuo devenir, un proceso que es producto de la diferencia, del carácter constitutivamente contradictorio del ser.
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  • Virgil § 38 In contemplating the fate which virtue, morality, even piety experience in history, we must not fall into the Litany of Lamentations, that the good and pious often — or for the most part — fare ill in the world, while the evil-disposed and wicked prosper.
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  • Dean It is the thought or concept of the whole conceptual system for the relevant subject matter. In recent work, both Pippin 2019 and Pinkard 2014 , the major representatives of the post-Kantian position, have insisted that their own interpretations are compatible with many of the Aristotelian features of Hegel to which conceptual realists allude.
  • Malcolm Overall, government has its division of labor into various centers of administration managed by special officials.
Quincy Hegel: Social and Political Thought
  • Damion Children have the right to maintenance and education, and in this regard a claim upon the family capital, but parents have the right to provide this service to the children and to instill discipline over the wishes of their children.
  • Herman In the substance there is no differentiation. The balanced analogue input is also in place.
Walter A New Amplifier from Hegel
  • Jackson Essentially, Hegel sees human societies evolving in the same way that an argument might evolve. Са Шелинговом подршком, Хегел успешно пролази квалификациони испит за професора у јесен 1801.
Dallas REVIEW: Hegel H190
  • Nathaniel Since Hegel believes that this succession is logical, meaning that it could only happen one way, he thinks that we can figure out the entire course of human history without recourse to archaeology or other empirical data, but purely through logic.
  • Luther He was educated at the Royal Highschool in Stuttgart from 1777-88 and steeped in both the classics and the literature of the European Enlightenment. Realized Purpose is the result of and so unifies the syllogistic process of Finite Purpose, through which Finite Purpose focuses on and is realized in a particular material or content.
Alvin Георг Вилхелм Фридрих Хегел — Википедија, слободна енциклопедија
  • Robin Some have argued that Hegel's vision of the state as an organic rational whole, leaves no room for individual dissent and choice, no room for the very freedom he was advocating. Thus, the history of any human endeavor not only builds upon, but also reacts against, what has gone before.