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  • Allan Grüner Weg 49 county council Horner Rennbahn 180 Hermannstal 10 yes P+R-Betriebsgesellschaft mbH Horst 38 Heidkamp 57 county council Kaltenkirchen 244 Brauerstraße 60 county council Kaltenkirchen Süd 50 Ladestraße 58 county council Kiwittsmoor 0 Kiwittsmoor 33 currently closed Klecken 139 1.
  • Bryce The sculpture was originally intended for the Ravensbrück camp memorial.
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  • Fabian Known to his followers as the German Socrates, Mendelssohn was a close friend of Gotthold Ephraim Lessing and is believed to be the inspiration for Nathan the Wise. The Jüdischer Friedhof Weißensee is the biggest Jewish cemetery in Europe.
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  • Mitch Not far from the cemetery are the and the , where every Sunday there are free guided tours of the original rooms where the broom maker Weidt hid his blind and deaf Jewish employees from the Nazis.
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  • Jonah Zinnhütte 45 county council Trabrennbahn 90 Traberweg 18 yes P+R-Betriebsgesellschaft mbH Ulzburg Süd 150 Kranichstraße 51 county council Veddel 664 1.
  • Harold It is the final resting place of many well-known Berliners, including the painter Lesser Ury, the composer Louis Lewandowski, the department store founder Oscar Tietz, and the publishers Samuel Fischer and Rudolf Mosse. Rehrstieg 23 yes P+R-Betriebsgesellschaft mbH, constraints due to construction works Niendorf-Markt 113 Paul-Sorge-Straße 20 P+R-Betriebsgesellschaft mbH Norderstedt Mitte 424 1.
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  • Donn We are here for you, even on-site in Berlin. Thousand of Jews are said to have been buried between 1672 and 1827 on the site covering only 5,900 square metres.
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  • Heath In 1993, the Jewish community reopened the school as a public middle and high school.
  • Monte Veddeler Straße Ost 6 yes P+R-Betriebsgesellschaft mbH Volksdorf 356 Farmsener Landstraße 28 yes P+R-Betriebsgesellschaft mbH Wahlstedt 20 Am Flugplatz 58 county council Wakendorf 10 Bahnhofstraße 45 county council Wedel 160 Mühlenstraße 40 county council Wiemersdorf 6 Bahnhofstraße 89 county council Winsen 534 An der Kleinbahn 21 yes county council Winsen 92 Schützenstraße 21 county council Wohltorf 80 Kastenienallee 29 county council.
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  • Augustine In 1763, his philosophical writings won the first prize of the Royal Academy in Berlin.
  • Gerry Im Auftrag der Stadt vertreiben wir Staatslotterien und -wetten. The beginnings After large numbers of Jews were expelled from Vienna, Elector Friedrich Wilhelm issued an edict to take them in.
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  • Olen The school operated for 48 years.
  • Rosario Isn't it all a little elaborate for a hamburger? Daniel Itzig financed the project.
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  • Sylvester It may be the most exotic, the most expensive and the most controversial burger ever flipped in a fast-food joint.
  • Dominick Please note that men may not go bare-headed.
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  • Mohamed A gravestone, which has had to be restored several times, recalls the famous Enlightenment figure. Bahnhofstraße 37 county council Henstedt-Ulzburg 50 Hamburger Straße 54 county council Himmelpforten 107 1.