Gestiefelte kater shrek. Der gestiefelte Kater (TV Movie 2009)

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  • Valentin Below average, very stiff and slow adaptation of the fairy tale with an unconvincing cat, and dull acting.
  • Kieth The abundance of oral versions after Straparola's tale may indicate an oral source to the tale; it also is possible Straparola invented the story.
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  • Fred Natürlich handelt es sich lediglich um optisch schicke Gimmicks fürs Auge.
  • Donn Denn der Diebstahl der Zauberbohnen soll sich noch als das geringste Problem herausstellen. While the literary skill employed in the telling of the tales has been recognized universally, it appears the tales were set down in great part as the author heard them told.
  • Isaac Pierre Darmancour was sixteen or seventeen years old at the time the manuscript was prepared and, as scholars Iona and Peter Opie note, quite unlikely to have been interested in recording fairy tales. Further, a handwritten and illustrated manuscript of five of the tales including Le Maistre Chat ou le Chat Botté existed two years before the tale's 1697 Paris publication.
  • Troy In the mid-1980s, Puss in Boots was televised as of with and in the cast. Das temperamentvolle Fellknäuel, so erfährt man, wuchs in einem Waisenhaus gemeinsam mit Humpty Dumpty auf.
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  • Nick Weder Samtpfötchen Kitty, noch der melancholische Humpty Dumpty können ihm das Wasser reichen und erfüllen lediglich ihre - anfangs undurchschaubaren - Rollen.
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  • Heath In Straparola's tale however, the poor young man is the son of a woman, the cat is a fairy in disguise, the princess is named Elisetta, and the castle belongs not to an ogre but to a lord who conveniently perishes in an accident.
  • Marquis Determined to make his master's fortune, the cat bags a in the forest and presents it to the as a gift from his master, the fictional of Carabas. The oldest telling is by Italian author , who included it in his c.
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  • Gilberto Perrault would be revered today as the father of if he had taken the time to record where he obtained his tales, when, and under what circumstances. It was also adapted into a manga by the famous Japanese writer and director , followed by an , distributed by in 1969.
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  • Enrique The virtues of Perrault's heroes reflect upon the bourgeoisie of the court of and upon the nature of Perrault, who was a successful civil servant in France during the seventeenth century.
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  • Anton An edition styled Histories or Tales of Past Times, told by Mother Goose, with Morals.
  • Tad Ein maskierter Unbekannter ist ebenfalls hinter den Zauberbohnen her und vermasselt ihm die erfolgreiche Umverteilung des Gemüses. Kindgerechter Animationsfilm Kurzum: Kinder werden sich zweifellos bestens amüsieren, während Erwachsene sich eine ausgefeiltere Story und vor allem bissigere Gags verzweifelt wünschen dürften.
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  • Willard The book was an instant success and remains popular. A frontispiece similar to that of the first French edition appeared in the English edition launching the in the English-speaking world.
  • Debra The cat appears in the third act pas de caractère of 's ballet , in the and to the animated film and is signified of Japanese anime studio.