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  • Fredrick Aside from the spectacular guns, Krupp introduced the Expo crowds so something that they had not experienced before, indoor air-conditioning. Krupp Industries employed workers conscripted by the Nazi regime from across Europe.
  • Walter She is the fourth of ten children and the eldest daughter. The , or Rote Soldatenbund, took over much of the demilitarized unopposed.
  • Vance When began his blockade of the see , British steel became unavailable, and Napoleon offered a prize of four thousand francs to anyone who could replicate. In 1902 he died, apparently by suicide.
  • Sam In return, his workers continued to give all they could. It had been said that neither one worked well.
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  • Mervin For the rest of the 20th century it was an important manufacturer of industrial and materials. Thus, in 1811 Friedrich founded the Krupp Gusstahlfabrik Cast Steel Works.
  • Fidel He surpassed this with a 100,000-pound 45,000 kg ingot for the in 1855. At the London of 1851, he exhibited a made entirely from , and a solid flawless of steel weighing 4,300 pounds 2,000 kg , more than twice as much as any previously cast.
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  • Rusty Before World War I Krupp had a contract with the British armaments company Vickers and Son Ltd.
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  • Andres At 0900 on 3 Feb 1951, Krupp emerged from the gates of Landsberg finding himself a national hero.
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  • Aaron It was so popular that even when closed tourists would slip under the barriers to see it and large gates had to be erected to keep them away. In 1911, Gustav bought Hamm Wireworks to manufacture barbed wire.
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  • Abraham Daly, on behalf of his fellow judges on the tribunal, sentenced Krupp to twelve years of imprisonment and the forfeiture of all his property. He was the son of and inherited the family business when his father died in 1887.
  • Lane A rather unassuming person in his private life, he is quick to publicly promote the company, its products and also its welfare schemes as a means of advertising. Krupp became the arms manufacturer for the in 1859, and later the.
  • Sharon The Krupp social services program began about 1861, when it was found that there were not sufficient houses in the town for firm employees, and the firm began building dwellings. He was deeply involved with the 's evasion of the , and secretly engaged in arms design and manufacture.
Sanford The Digital Research Library of Illinois History Journal™: The Krupp Gun Pavilion at the 1893 Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition: The world's largest gun.
  • Julio As the water froze to the coils it created a block of ice that cooled more of the fresh water and subsequently the air surrounding the water which then dropped to the ground making more room for warm air and creating a circulating cooling effect. He also invested in fluidized hotbed technologies notably the and acquired many mines in Germany and.