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  • Fred Once impregnated, it offers complete protection from biting winds. There are four oversized pockets on the outside, two hand-warming pockets and it has two pockets on the inside as well.
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  • Samuel Dyrehold og dyrevelfærd er et vigtigt spørgsmål for Fjällräven, der har sit skytsdyr: en polarræv i sit logo. In this test, the material is rubbed in a test machine again and again at high pressure.
  • Carey Hardwearing: G-1000 is very resistant to wear, this make G-1000 garments perfect for both travelling and life in the great outdoors. The wax additional protects the material from dirt, wind and moisture.
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  • Jamel Everything about the Kanken is clear, considered and concise.
  • Rodolfo This is , made of 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton, with G-1000 Original fabric. Fjällräven är kanske det mest kända av alla skandinaviska outdoormärken.
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  • Troy Having cemented their reputation as an authority on design via their work in the 1960s, the modern day Fjallraven is a progressive brand with that same desire to make things better at its heart.
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  • Angelo At forbruge mindre er en måde at være venlige over for miljøet.
  • Perry This is the shiver that runs through your body when the wind picks up. De är mycket omtyckta för sin höga kvalitet och fina funktionalitet.
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  • Salvatore Observera att alla som har handlat hos Outnorth har ett konto men att det går bra att handla hos Outnorth utan att hålla reda på sina kontouppgifter.
  • Horacio The outer coat can be also treated with wax for improved resistance against the elements.
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  • Van Fjällräven record when the fabric finally tears and compare it to how many years of active use it corresponds to. Related: There are two side pockets and two vertical pockets on the chest, all four with zipper closures.
  • Craig Our customer representative will get back shortly.
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  • Waldo The cuffs have snap-button fasteners, as does the placket covering the main zipper.
  • Adan Read also: It closes to the front with the main zipper, which is water-resistant and has a snap-button placket covering it.
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  • Horace There are many colors to choose from: Uncle blue, Black, Dark navy, Green, Ochre, Taupe, Red, Burnt red, Copper green and Mountain grey, with an additional shade of Copper green. G1000-väven utvecklades ursprungligen som en tältduk men har genom åren varit ryggraden i Fjällrävens produktion.