Fettes college. Fettes College Public School Fees & Results: 2020 Tatler Schools Guide

Sang Fettes College
  • Fletcher · Are encouraged to stretch and challenge themselves in everything they undertake.
  • Tyrone Fettes is where they were enthused, praised and encouraged to work hard and achieve the very best they could, while being surrounded by like-minded peers and caring staff. To this day, a Fettes education is an incredible start to life.
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  • Phillip Our Heritage Fettes College is named for Sir William Fettes, twice Lord Provost of Edinburgh and among the most highly respected citizens of his generation.
Garrett Fettes College Public School Fees & Results: 2020 Tatler Schools Guide
  • Phillip We strongly believe that with expert tuition and encouragement, every student can realise their ambitions.
Dudley Fettes College
  • Dante While the original foundation was for boys only, the School became co-educational in 1983 and is now home to over seven hundred and fifty boys and girls. Working for the Granton Community Gardeners, a group of staff have helped deliver lunches to those who are in need.
Issac Fettes College pupil expelled from £30,000
  • JeremyThe benefits of these opportunities are immense, fostering independence whilst creating life-long memories.
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  • Lewis Find out more about Sustrans: Well done everyone! Please contact for more information! Mission: Fettes College aims to nurture the individual while fostering a happy, well-ordered and caring community with strong family values at its core.
  • Cyrus International trips and excursions closer to home are many and varied, whether representing a sports team or choir, volunteering, or participating in a student exchanges.
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  • Grover Sport Sport is an integral part of a healthy and active lifestyle, developing key life skills such as teamwork and communication.
  • Marcus Ensure that all our students leave Fettes as well-educated, interesting, independent minded, confident and civilised individuals who are equipped to play full and constructive roles in society. Fettes is where their confidence was built, horizons broadened, talents nurtured and life-long friendships made.
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  • Wayne Foster high and realistic expectations of our students in relation to their talents and abilities. We encourage all of our students to try new activities, push themselves and embrace all of the opportunities which a Fettes education provides.
Edmond Fettes College
  • Al Please contact us early as spaces are limited.
  • Wilfredo The expulsions were made after concerned pupils alerted teachers who found the students with cannabis on the school grounds.
Billy Fettes College
  • Nathaniel Whether choosing from 40 plus activities, supporting local charities or utilising the cultural highlights of Edinburgh, our self-motivated students emerge with new-found skills and experiences. The campus has been created with imaginative flair by international architects Broadway Malyan.
Tim List of people educated at Fettes College
  • Clement The student involved in last Sunday's incident had only been at the school just over a week, joining at the beginning of the autumn term on August 30. The family community at Fettes means that your child will forge strong bonds with their friends in house but also with their housemaster or housemistress, matron, tutor and teaching staff.
Quinn Fettes College Public School Fees & Results: 2020 Tatler Schools Guide
  • Saul Promote excellence and high standards in all areas of school life. Being bilingual at all levels, the School will promote an immersive English learning environment that will encourage students to make us of both English and Chinese at every stage of their learning experience.
  • Noah The service had maintained this exceptional standard since the previous inspection.