Entartete musik. Decca

Ronny Peter Brathwaite on rescuing ‘degenerate music’ from the shadows
  • Saul A ban on their work and playing their compositions was the first step, leading ultimately to physical pursuit and deportation.
  • Kenton The racial laws were imposed strictly in music because it was so important in the Third Reich; the Nazis considered Germany to be culturally superior in all areas — but particularly so in music. He employed special sound effects to depict traffic noise, trains, and sirens within the music.
Amado extremely rare original 1938 anti
  • Quinn While these concerns did not focus solely on Jews, they were a primary target. Music was also a prominent feature of life under Nazi internment.
Xavier Entartete Musik Documentary
  • Sarah The exhibition also traveled to other cities, including Amsterdam, and became the occasion of much discussion.
Jed Peter Brathwaite on rescuing ‘degenerate music’ from the shadows
  • Gustavo The Nazi propaganda poster at left is a crude exaggeration of the original poster for the opera Jonny spielt auf.
Theodore Entartete Musik, Teresienstadt and Channel Classics
  • Kirk In March 1939, the Berlin Fire Brigade burned about 4000 paintings, drawings and prints that had apparently little value on the international market.
Delmar Music and the Holocaust: Entartete Kunst and Entartete Musik exhibitions
  • Walker He retired to a life in the country toward the end of the war. The music, however continues to live on and it is being revived in those countries which are most able to value it.
  • Ross Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Quite simple, but often I see either this or that.
Duncan Slipped Disc
  • Russel Maybe next time they are more interested. The rapidity with which these developments took place stunned Jews living in Germany, but there was very little protest from non-Jews, some of whom leapt at the opportunity to fill newly-vacant positions.
  • Beau Like degenerate art, examples of degenerate music were displayed in public exhibits in Germany beginning in 1938.
Kurt Degenerate art
  • Stuart Commitment to Nazi ideology, however, tended to be weighed more heavily than musical talent, allowing loyal mediocrity to be rewarded over skill.
  • Chadwick Meanwhile Kalman — another of the big projects in that series — is currently the 4th most performed 20th century opera composer, according to Operabase.
Jayson Degenerate music
  • Collin In the case of Germany, the model was to be and art, regarded by Hitler as an art whose exterior form embodied an inner racial ideal. But maybe if they made it affordable, more orchestras would rent it and increase profits that way.
Anderson Degenerate art
  • Billie The plot thickens when one discovers that Grosz also worked under a pseudonym — Hugh Williams.
  • Gerardo Universal Music is American and Decca was British. The considered indeed that they should not be concerned by Frenchmen's mental health.
Carl Entartete Musik
  • Delbert The first half was the Schumann piano concerto yawn… and the house was quite full.