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  • Quinton For example, has quoted one estimate by a European official suggesting that there are seven million Turks living in Germany, including the second generation. Estimates suggest that the total number of people living in Germany who originate from Turkey only including , particularly the reaches, or is more than, five million people to 5.
  • Terrance Cümle ve Videolar ile zenginleştirilmiş içerik. By the 1990s the German-born Turks became more influential in the music industry in both Germany and Turkey.
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  • Cedric Historical records show that some Turks became traders or took up other professions, particularly in southern Germany.
  • Dave For example, records show that 28 Turks converted to Christianity and were settled in. However, Bulgarian citizens of Turkish origin often make up entire majorities in some countries in Europe.
Gavin Turks in Germany
  • Lindsey Germany is effectively Turkey's 4th largest electoral district. There is no need to print, stamp and sign these e-ticket invoices.
  • Gail The Mosque-style tobacco factory in is a symbolic reminder of the trading relations between the Ottomans and the Prussians. Historical records show that this was particularly evident with the expansion of in the mid-18th century.
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  • Davis Turkish people form the largest in Germany. Since the twenty-first century there has been an increase in German-born individuals of Turkish origin opting to play for Germany, including , , , , and.
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  • Jonathon Whilst many Turks had intended to return to Greece after working for a number of years, a new Greek law was introduced which effectively forced the minority to remain in Germany. Moreover, this neo-Nazi group were also responsible for the June which resulted in 22 Turkish people being injured.
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  • Raymundo Several German-Turkish professional football players have also continued their careers as football managers such as and. Young women of Turkish origin are twice as likely to attempt suicide as their female German peers.
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  • Humberto Other notable films which have a context include 's book-turned-film 2000 ; 's 2004 ; and 's 2008.
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  • Wilfredo The Citizenship Law of 1999, which was officially taken into effect on 1 January 2000, has facilitated the acquisition of German citizenship for people born outside of Germany, making it available to Turkish immigrants after eight years of legal residence in the country. In particular, they have been particularly adamant in pressuring the Greek State to resolve the legal issues in regards to Article 19 of the Citizenship Law.
  • Sidney Evvelce sarhoş oldum; daha da çok olacak gibiyim.
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  • Cynthia Most Turkish people who immigrated to West Germany intended to live there temporarily and then return to Turkey so that they could build a new life with the money they had earned.