Delphine. Delphine Chanéac

Numbers Delphine Restaurant Hollywood
  • Isidro We live by and love the beach, so the connection to dolphins works for me too. I just named my baby girl Delphine, and in one month I have had many misspellings and many questions about how to pronounce it.
Vernon Delphine: Name Meaning and Origin
  • Nancy I am here to share what worked for me with you! When out traveling, Delphine changes out of her farm clothes into a set of , including matching pairs of and , and equips herself with a. I don't want you to get yourself killed before we even get there.
Dudley Delphine Name Meaning & Origin
  • Drew What we have's been sitting in that barrel for over a month.
  • Christine In American Baby Names the meaning of the name Delphine is: Dolphin.
Elvis Delphine Restaurant Hollywood
  • Monroe I've been wanting a closer look at one of these buggers. But I had to know if the rumors about you were true.
Stan Delphine: Name Meaning and Origin
  • Grant The attractive Spanish version is Delfina.
  • Grady At 6pm she has a one hour break for dinner, and resumes her work afterward.
Jose Delphine: Name Meaning and Origin
  • Elmer I did know a Delphine years ago - vaguely, as in, someone from work - but didn't think much about the name until recently.
  • Efrain It is definitely a fresher choice than over-the-hill Danielle. But I think I know what you mean.
Jonah Delphine (1969)
  • Alden If we succeed, I'll tell you anything you want to know.
Casey Delphine: Name Meaning, Popularity, and Similar Names
  • Stuart During her free time around noon and after training sessions, she usually wanders around the temple or stands at the lookout in the courtyard.
Everett Delphine Chanéac
  • Lyle Immediately after that, she will sharpen her skills with the blade using a training dummy. Well, not your singing, your songs.
  • Jeremy She is equipped with an and an , supplemented by 25.