Bsg motor zschopau. BSG Motor Zschopau e.V.

  • Christian Arthur Geiss becomes German and European master in the 250cc class. Unfortunately, this season was to be an ill-fated one.
  • Reed The engineer Herbert Venediger is promoted manager of the development and testing department in Zschopau.
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  • Hector The racing Skorpion was modified again for the season in 1995.
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  • Rudy Due to the proceeds of foreign exchange, the supply of restricted unmanufactured material rises. Hermann Weber is hired as manager of the construction department, Blau becomes technical manager.
  • Michael In Germany, Hans Peter Meyer from Crailsheim succeeded in competitions in Brno and Frohburg.
Alphonse Motor Racing
  • Bret The Japanese Minoda, the British Cathcart and Ruth and the German Elli Bindrum were supposed to be the most promising competitors.
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  • Stanley In the years 1981, 1983 and 1984 Jens Scheffler and in 1983, 1984 and 1985 Harald Sturm become European champions in their respective classes.
  • Eugene However, he was not able to translate his outstanding training results into the race. Out of this reason, barracks are built and former inns are turned into temporary homes.
  • Darren The fortune obviously smiled on the organizers. Valves, household and workshop devices as well as vehicle accessories are produced.
  • Roman With the beginning of the year 1959, the foundry in Annaberg is taken over.
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  • Isaiah A manufacturing site near the railway station repairs damaged train waggons.
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  • Brenda The different sites and customer support services are combined under that name Auto Union Branches Ltd. For Minoda, this was enough to win the Cup in the overall ranking before Alan Cathcart end Elli Bindrum.
  • Laverne Overall, 180 competitors started - an absolute record.
  • Rusty However, during the race he was completely over motivated and had a spectacular crash.
Roscoe History
  • Denny One of the first three motorcycles, which were produced under huge effort, was turned into a racing machine immediately.