Bruns landmaschinen. Rhede

Wallace Rhede
  • Wilford Extra Features I really enjoy the way this spreader works. The belt speed is controlled by the trailer wheel.
  • Alfonzo With locations in Cloppenburg, Bösel, Lindern, Aurich, Rhede, Langenstein, Klein Bünzow and Haren, we offer the advantage of close proximity to our customers whose many and varied needs we are able to meet in all respects. This provides customers in the north and west of the Weser-Ems sales region with optimum service and distribution.
Marcelo Rhede
  • Jan If you just want to know how to download it, head to the bottom of this presentation.
  • Chad You can also visit the official mod page on the web. We make no compromises when it comes to the quality of the equipment we produce and sell.
Aldo ABC
  • Jerrod The blue button takes you there.
Andres Bruns Landmaschinen GmbH Landwirtschaftliche Maschinen und Geräte in Lindern (Oldenburg) Fehnstr. 1
  • Lamar Download from the Modhub The Bruns lime and fertilizer spreader are available on all platforms, from the in-game modhub. From the very beginning we have remained true to the high standards we set for ourselves.
  • ClintThe real-world inspiration for the mod is made by the German company August Bruns Landmaschinen GmbH. With further businesses in Aurich and, since April 2008, in Haren-Emmeln on the B70, we now cover the entire axis from the North Sea to deep within the Emsland district.
Basil Great FS19 Mods • Bruns MBA 12000 Spreader • Yesmods
  • Tristan This wheel the upper one needs to be lowered… Amazing Modding Vertex Dezign is one of the best modding teams in the history of Farming Simulator games.
  • Houston It requires more player inputs than the base game equipment.
Brett Rhede
  • Billie Our products and services are subject to rigorous monitoring for compliance with the most advanced standards. More than 160 skilled employees work for us.
  • Raul Even the Netherlands are only 3 km away.
Russ Rhede
  • Ian Today we are an internationally active company managed by Walter and Andreas Bruns.
  • Arnulfo The Bruns spreader is another triumph for the team. We have grown steadily in the more than 60 years we have been in business.
Jasper Bruns Landmaschinen GmbH Landwirtschaftliche Maschinen und Geräte in Lindern (Oldenburg) Fehnstr. 1
  • Stevie No machine will ever leave our shop without the required Bruns Final Inspection. When August Bruns established our family business in August 1948, he laid the foundation for a company that would enjoy continuous success to the present day.
Jesse ABC
  • Taylor.
  • Earnest The modeling, the texturing, and of course the programming is above most of the others.
Rene Bruns Landmaschinen GmbH Landwirtschaftliche Maschinen und Geräte in Lindern (Oldenburg) Fehnstr. 1
  • Orville The new Rhede location is conveniently situated on the A 31, putting it within easy reach of all points from Leer to Meppen. When you stop, the spreading stops too.
Thaddeus Rhede
  • Adan A supremely motivated team We owe our success to our supremely qualified and highly motivated team.
  • Freeman And as always, the range of our products continues to reflect the needs of our customers.