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  • John It's impossible to put all this into words.
Agustin benutzt translation English
  • Carlo Note, here again gebrauchen means to be useful while anwenden means to make use of it. Die Ansicht automatisch an die jeweilige Displaygröße an.
Zane ᐅ benutzen Synonym
  • Warren Thus—to take again that example—when you say Gebrauch deinen Verstand, you put emphasis on using it because it can help you a mess.
  • Betty In some regions the word is written and pronounced with an ü instead, i. Verwenden is often interchangeable with benutzen.
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  • Ben.
  • Dannie Erfahre hier mehr: Hier findest Du noch mehr Tipps und Tricks: Microsoft Word: Microsoft PowerPoint: Folge uns in den sozialen Netzwerken: Facebook: Twitter: Das Informationsportal Office-Infos. Thus, Ich habe das Pfefferspray gebraucht means that it was really helpful to me that I could use it, while Ich habe das Pfefferspray angewendet just means that you made use of it.
Elizabeth benutzen
  • Raymond Ich könnte eine Jacke gebrauchen. You say gebrauchen when something appears useful.
  • Laverne None is preferred, it depends on the exact meaning.
Elton Tutorial
  • Devin As you see, there's a huge overlap in sense and sometimes just little or no difference at all. I can hardly make up a real difference between those words, although in many contexts I can say for sure which word of them is applicable or not applicable.
Keven ᐅ benutzt Synonym
  • Moses Ich könnte etwas mehr Geld gebrauchen. Ein Messer kann man immer gebrauchen.
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  • FerdinandWell, like in English there are different ways to say to use to utilize, to make use of, to employ, to apply etc. Einen Trick anwenden, Gewalt anwenden.
  • Bennie So, benutzen is more in sense of to utilize an object and while nutzen can connote this meaning as well, it often means to take an opportunity. It appears to be somewhat more formal.
Wm Words That Rhyme With Benutzt
  • Matthew Das schöne Wetter aus nutzen, Hilfsbereitschaft aus nutzen.