Bcw betriebswirt. MBA Master Studium in Business Administration

Joaquin (PDF) Lebenslanges Lernen in der Logistikbranche
  • Jarrett From the third semester you will select your preferred area of specialisation — a wide range of specialised subjects provides you with a degree course that perfectly matches the requirements of your daily professional activities. Real case studies from the world of business and a lively mix of teaching methods help to sharpen your overall, interdisciplinary perspective.
Burl (PDF) Controlling als Rationalitätssicherung der Führung — Zum Stand unserer Forschung
  • Millard They measure the workload required of students in the study programme.
  • Robt Based on the experiences of the results of the institutes working paper No.
Travis (PDF) Lebenslanges Lernen in der Logistikbranche
  • Sheldon You will also benefit from the continual exchange of information and experiences with other students from a wide range of sectors and specialist areas. Thus, you will gain important knowledge that will allow you to maintain an overview of all operational processes when making decisions.
Sherman BCW Weiterbildung
  • Zachery You understand how the different parts of the organization fit together.
  • Adrian Auch wenn es darum geht, wie finanzielle Unterstützung zur berufsbegleitenden Weiterbildung beantragt wird oder wenn das individuelle Zeitmanagement Probleme macht, helfen wir weiter. Entwickeln Sie sich zu einer Fach- und Führungskraft! Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Anruf oder Besuch am Standort Essen oder Duisburg.
Tyson (PDF) Lebenslanges Lernen in der Logistikbranche
  • Clifford You learn the soft skills necessary for career progression.
Vaughn (PDF) Lebenslanges Lernen in der Logistikbranche
  • Marcel For experts and managers wishing to acquire strategic managerial expertise in order to pursue new career opportunities. The compact business administration course of studies, which includes all of the necessary components of management, was a solid foundation for the path to higher management.
Alton (PDF) Controlling als Rationalitätssicherung der Führung — Zum Stand unserer Forschung
  • Avery However, this challenge gave me a great deal of motivation which I incorporated into my career path. And discussing with a practitioner the challenges of doing business in China.
  • Walker Qualifizieren Sie sich für einen größeren Verantwortungsbereich.
Luis (PDF) Lebenslanges Lernen in der Logistikbranche
  • Alton Sie ermöglichen Ihnen, Ihre praktischen Erfahrungen oder Ihre Vorbildung zu ergänzen. Schulungszentrum Essen Herkulesstraße 32 45127 Essen Schulungszentrum Duisburg Bismarckstraße 120 47057 Duisburg.
  • Derick Every subject is examined from different business perspectives, so that you can play a constructive and defining role in modern corporate structures.
Alfonso (PDF) Controlling als Rationalitätssicherung der Führung — Zum Stand unserer Forschung
  • Bradley Wir informieren gerne zu allen Fragen rund um unser Angebot, wie etwa zur Prüfungsvorbereitung. For currently and future competitiveness it is necessary to train the logisticians.
  • Elvin Therefore innovative and new qualification-concepts occupy a higher attention.
Sidney (PDF) Lebenslanges Lernen in der Logistikbranche
  • Christopher A voluntary coaching programme, which runs alongside the degree course, can also support you with your own personal development. This degree course, which is held primarily in English, provides both business expertise as well as extensive intercultural and management skills.
  • Benjamin The leadership methods that are taught help us apply what we have learned to everyday working practice. Eine Weiterqualifizierung hilft Ihnen, berufliches Wissen aktuell zu halten und berufliche Ziele zu erreichen.