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  • Efrain With my feelings on fire Guess I'm a bad liar. Ich kann nicht atmen, ich kann nicht sein Ich kann nicht das sein, was du willst, dass ich bin Glaub mir, dieses eine Mal Glaub mir.
  • Virgil The song speaks about the tough.
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  • Lance Куплет 2 Did all my dreams never mean one thing You can see the Selena Gomez - Bad Liar lyrics on this page and listen to the song.
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  • Marquis Selena Gomez: Bad Liar Meaning.
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  • Murray Let's call it off, let's take the memories and run I'll be the villain, the man with the smoking gun I guess this is goodbye So have a nice life See you at the replay lounge. Wir haben den Songtext zum Lied für euch auf Deutsch übersetzt.
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  • Marcelo Bottle it up, it takes a bottle to get it out So many pieces of broken glass, razor wit.
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  • Eli. Date una vuelta por el canal y suscribete.
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  • Shane Please find the lyrics page link on song page - Musicdzire Bad Liar.
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  • Louis The Hands To Myself hitmaker shared the following lines: Trying not to think about you, trying to play it coy and trying to. You've gotta sharp mind But I'm a bad liar It's hardly a new disclosure Selena Gomez - Bad liar lyrics.
  • Fred This is the complete Selena Gomez bad liar lyrics for all the verses.
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  • Felix I was walking down the street the other dayTryna distract myselfBut then I see your faceOh wait, that's someone elseOh oh. You can't tell me in the South Seas that I'm missing out You don't know me You have hardly any common ground Misheard Lyrics, performed by Bad Liar.
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  • Eliseo Können wir konzentrieren uns auf die Liebe? Click inside to read the lyrics to Selena Gomez's new single Bad Liar Selena Gomez - Bad Liar lyrics. Oh, ich fragte nach Problemen, Problemen, Problemen.