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Cynthia Ashtanga Yoga Berlin
  • Wayne At that time I had finished my university studies and had time to read about Buddhism, a topic I was truly interested in.
  • Mitch It was a crazy experience, specially coming from such an alternative background where no one in my family ever took vaccines, antibiotics, ate meat, etc. We send you a big virtual hug and we are going to miss you all so much! Years ago I had an Iranian friend who expressed puzzlement at the ennui of her Canadian mates.
Landon Contact and Shala Address
  • Carter Escape the hectic of the capital and enjoy small Jivamukti-Ashtanga-Yin Yoga classes with Jan.
Rebecca Ashtanga Yoga Room (Berlin)
  • Ahmed If we allow the cycle of harmful thoughts to continue, our future will be a repetition of our past. Practicing a style that has its roots still firmly grounded in India and Yoga philosophy is both refreshing and invigorating.
  • Marcus In Sanscrit, 'nidhana' describes a place where you can put something down.
Wm Ashtanga Yoga Room (Berlin)
  • Horace Let's keep our spirits high, focus and calm. This style of yoga increases the heart rate, builds heat in the body and will definitely break you out in a sweat.
Melissa New location for our Ashtanga Yoga Shala in Kreuzberg
  • Roberto Join us for online yoga classes, learn about innovative alignment and philosophy. This syncing of the breath with movement vinyasa leads our attention towards an introspective state becoming a moving meditation.
Ivory Matias de Biedma & Carola della Croce (KPJAYI Authorized Teachers)
  • Orville We honor death today, the ultimate teacher. To be able to do this practice is a great gift and too often we take it for granted.
Lenard Ashtanga Yoga Shala Berlin, Dieffenbachstr. 36,,, Berlin (2020)
  • Sharon For more information check out: or get inspired by my new ArtBerlin map! Vinyasa translates to flow and this is exactly what you are doing in a sun salutation and in a vinyasa, flowing from one movement to the next in time with your breath.
Brent Ashtanga Kreuzberg, Kreuzberg, Berlin (2020)
  • Octavio On this day, we have a pranayama class at 6. It helps calming the mind and releases stress stored in the body.
  • Carlo I was practicing to change it.
Forest Ashtanga Yoga with Miho Kreuzberg Berlin
  • Evan Commit to standing on your mat every day. Patañjali talks about five afflictions or kleśas 2.
  • Merrill As a beginner you will be taught alongside the regular advanced practitioners who will practice at the same time.
Mac Ashtanga Yoga Shala Berlin, Dieffenbachstr. 36,,, Berlin (2020)
  • Bill This exposed me to a fragility, a weakness. In a study ran by Dr Debbie Cohen , she was able to show that a regular yoga practice can result in a drop in blood pressure.