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  • Tom The transmission proved to be problematic and was replaced by a modern 6-speed manual transmission in 1989. One huge change that Chevy made was to eliminate the pop-up headlights on the front end, which makes this the first model since the C1 generation to boast fixed headlights.
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  • Eugenio This rating ranks the Chevrolet Corvette 23rd out of 24 among midsize cars.
  • Normand In 1970, the body design was updated including fender flares, and interiors were refined, which included redesigned seats, and indication lights near the gear shift that were an early use of fiber optics. The traditional flag poles are gone, but they are replaced by flag-pole-like extensions of each flag.
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  • Donnie Acest design al maşinii cu două locuri, a cărei caroserie conţine mari părţi din fibră de sticlă, a fost prezentat prima dată în 1968 şi este produs cu mici modificări până în 1982, reprezentând a treia generaţie Corvette. Corvette Racing repeated the feat in 2013 by winning 5 of 10 races and claiming the Driver's, Team and Manufacturer's Championships again.
  • Thad The first reference to a corvette was with the in the 1670s, which may be where the term originated. The British Navy did not adopt the term until the 1830s, long after the , to describe a small vessel somewhat larger than a sloop.
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  • Rosario When cursing around 70mph on flat roads you should see high-20s to almost 30mpg.
  • Julio With only 771 fuel-injected cars built in 1965, Chevrolet discontinued the option at the end of the '65 production, having introduced a less-expensive big block 396 engine rated at 425 hp in the middle of the production year and selling over 2,000 in just a few months.
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  • Tod Corvettes during this era were typically used alongside during colonial missions.
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  • Silas Into That Silent Sea: Trailblazers of the Space Era, 1961—1965. In 1962, the Chevrolet 283 cu in 4.
  • Duncan Grand Sport models were available in 10 exterior colors and could have the optional Heritage Package which included hash-mark fender graphics available in six colors.
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  • Marc The introduction of the 425 bhp 317 kW 396 cu in 6.
  • Walter Three hundred hand-built polo white Corvette were produced for the 1953 model year.
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  • Reginald At the rear of the car, the trademark round taillights have changed to a more squarish form.
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  • Lisa Chevrolet actually created two of them, only one of which was fully functional.
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  • Cole It was designed to help the Corvette meet U.
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  • Millard This was a particular problem given the faster designs then emerging. The overall weight of the car was not announced by General Motors for many months after its first showing in January 2013.