Agnostiker definition. Agnostiker

Darrel Was ist ein Agnostiker?
  • Aldo Agnosticisme kommer af det e agnostos ukendt , a uden og gnosis kundskab , dvs.
  • Gregory Darin kommt er zum Schluss, dass man zwar nicht beweisen könne, was Gott sei, aber sehr wohl, dass Gott existiere. It is a word created from a theistic viewpoint and presupposes the validity of a theistic viewpoint without justification.
Merrill Agnostic theism
  • Wm I can know what exists in my mind only by distinguishing it from that which exists outside my mind — i.
Al Agnostizismus
  • Donnell In the popular sense, an agnostic is someone who neither believes nor disbelieves in God, whereas an atheist disbelieves in God. Seeing patterns, lights, beings, or objects that are not there.
  • Pedro This is more social — practical — definition than metaphysical one. Perhaps the act of believing helps to overcome an awkward feeling not unlike cognitive dissonance.
Barbara Agnostic
  • Ernie Agnostiker glauben daran, daß wir an Gottes Existenz weder glauben noch nicht glauben sollten, weil es unmöglich ist, Bescheid zu wissen.
Kenton Agnosticism
  • Anibal Smith rejects agnosticism as a third alternative to and and promotes terms such as the view of those who do not believe in the existence of any , but do not claim to know if a deity does or does not exist and the view of those who do not claim to know of the existence of any deity, but still believe in such an existence. Lower than 50 per cent but not very low.
  • Chance Sie waren der Meinung, weder Atheisten zu sein, noch vertraten sie eine andere Glaubensrichtung. The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language.
Eldon Agnostiker oder Atheist? Wo liegt der Unterschied?
  • Joseph If there had been no physical entities in existence, a consciousness could have acquired no knowledge content. We can not follow anyone even if we are desperate to so for they are or were themselves and I am me.
Leslie Agnosticisme
  • Simon Those lacking knowledge of whole subject areas, have no idea where the frontiers of research or the boundaries of present knowledge lie.
Chadwick Agnostic theism
  • Jeffrey These things are created by the mind. As such, there would be no way to test said hypotheses, leaving the results inconclusive.
  • Johnie A hypothesis with no supporting, objective, testable evidence is not an objective, scientific claim.
Anthony Agnostizismus
  • Joesph My second personal experience is that for whatever reason, people defining themselves as atheist are much more likely to try to explain the universe from their personal point of view. Glad I finally undestand why world was black and white before colour tv.
Elmer Agnostiker
  • Jennifer Only by treating this Whole of Reality as a person—good and true and perfect—rather than an impersonal force, can we come closer to the Truth. Das volle Ausmaß Gottes und seines Werkes wird niemals menschlich erfahrbar sein und kann daher gar nicht konkret erfragt werden, weshalb beispielsweise auch Fragen, warum Gott Menschen sterben lässt, nur die Unfähigkeit, Gottes Gesamtwerk zu verstehen, unterstreichen.
  • Seymour Physical effects on matter or energy are detectable by science.
Steve Agnosticisme
  • Brice One thing I do know, and that is, that neither hope, nor fear, belief, nor denial, can change the fact.
  • Judson The fits seem to reinforce existing narratives that Phil keeps talking about in the mind.